What we do

Software Engineering for cloud-enabled, data-driven organisations

Helps you to

Continually improve your ability to access and analyze data consistently to make accurate decisions.

Helps you with

Application Development, Data engineering, Analytics & ML. In the cloud, highly automated.

Cloud applications engineering

Building new cloud native applications

Modernisation of existing systems

Migration to the cloud

Web development

Automation & DevOps

Data engineering



Building Data Lake/Warehouse/Mart

Reporting & Analytics

Data cataloguing & Lineage

AI & Machine Learning

Data preparation

Building and training models

Deployment and Operationalisation (ML Ops)

Validation and Monitoring

Delivering end-to-end solutions

End-to-end solution delivery

The core focus of Strongbytes is to bring intelligent apps and products to life. We create tailored-made solutions, modernise existing systems, or integrate new capabilities in enterprise applications that our customers already use.

We bring unmatched expertise and a great blend of technical skills to help you deliver them in production. We make use of proven and best-fit architecture paradigms, modern front-end frameworks, scalable backend and cloud systems.

We are strong advocates of clean and performant code, so you can expect nothing short of the best quality apps and products.


Elevating Expertise: Beyond solving challenges, Strongbytes is your partner in growth. Our comprehensive training programs encompass a wide spectrum, from honing technical skills like .NET, React, Cloud engineering or even AI to embracing methodologies like Agile and Scrum. Empower your team with knowledge that fuels efficiency and drives success in today’s dynamic landscape.

Check out some of the trainings, or just reach out, as most of our trainings custom made based on your needs.

With our trainings you can transform your organisation and evolve your team.

Proof of concepts

Empowering Innovation: Our tailored Proof of Concept (PoC) service is designed to transform your unique struggles into great solutions. We delve into your needs, leverage our technical prowess, and craft PoCs that blend technology and expertise. When a PoC proves its mettle, we collaborate to seamlessly integrate it into your software products, fostering innovation that drives results.

One of our PoCs involves using ChatGPT to search through a knowledge base of documents that you can upload.

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