Who we are

Clients count on us to help them solve complex problems using technology.

The core focus of Strongbytes is to bring intelligent apps and products to life. We create tailored-made solutions, modernise existing systems, or integrate new capabilities in enterprise applications that our customers already use.

Software Craftsmanship

Programming as a craft makes sense because it is a combination of skill, experience, and the use of tools. Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. Often there is no distinct way of solving a problem. We craft solutions based on our experiences, the tools we know, and the information we discover. 

We constantly grow our skills by teaching and learning from others, within our company, with our customers and the wider developer community. We seek to expose ourselves to new situations and find ways of doing things differently. We retrospect regularly and learn from past experiences.

Growth potential

We are founders of Codecamp, one of the largest conferences in the CEE. Started in 2008, Codecamp now brings together more than 10.000 software developers every year. 

8-10 events per year, covering topics such as: AI, Software Architecture & Design, DevOps, .NET, Java, Frontend, Quality Assurance, Methodology.

We are highly engaged with the developer community and have a strong network of professionals.