January 7, 2022

QAGPT – searching through a knowledge base of documents

The need we are addressing

The digital age has brought about an influx of documents and data that can be overwhelming and time-consuming for organizations to manage manually. This challenge intensifies with the size of the organization and volume of data, often leading to operational inefficiencies and errors.

After exploring and better understanding the problem, we have built QAGPT, a web application that showcases some of the simpler things one can do with LLMs (Large Language Models) in order to solve these issues.


What is QAGPT?

QAGPT is an easy-to-use web application that uses AI to deliver data-driven insights from user-uploaded documents. It uses Retrieval Augmented Generation, combining machine learning with database management, to index information and intelligently retrieve relevant data in response to user queries.

Beyond mere retrieval, QAGPT understands the document content. It uses language models to interpret queries, providing precise, accessible answers based on the data found. Offering a contextual understanding of queries, it surpasses traditional search engines in ensuring relevance and usability of the information provided.

How can QAGPT help my business?

QAGPT turns laborious manual searches into quick, automated processes, reducing time and resources needed to gather insights from a company’s document collection. This feature proves advantageous for various departments like research, sales, and HR, which often require precise data from numerous documents.

QAGPT is using AI to streamline the handling of document-based data. This cuts down the time and resources spent on manual data management, ensuring effective data utilization and allowing organizations to concentrate more on strategic decision-making and core business operations.

Is there more to this?

QAGPT is fundamentally an exploratory tool, designed to investigate how large language models can address the challenges of information overload. It isn’t a final product, but rather a stepping stone that showcases the potential of such technologies. It has been designed to mesh with an organization’s existing infrastructure, enhancing data retrieval within a broader ecosystem. It serves as a basis for further development, encouraging collaboration with Strongbytes to build additional features and customize it according to specific needs, making it a starting point for innovation.

Get in touch

If you want to chat with Strongbytes, the creators of QAGPT, and explore how LLMs can help your business, feel free to send an email to Vlad Zelinschi or Florin Cardasim.

Meanwhile, you can play around with QAGPT by clicking the button below. Sign up and see how it works and how it helps you easily query user uploaded documents.