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Create the solutions that disrupt your industry to your advantage.

Even from the start of our journey together, we form a cross-functional team that meets the needs of your project, set up a road-map and a backlog with desired functionalities. 


The pace of digital transformation in the education sector has accelerated immeasurably over the past years. Cloud-based delivery systems, powered by self-learning algorithms, automating repetitive aspects of educators' work, will be used to provide more personalised forms of education or remote learning.


Digital and analytics will continue to transform banks and financial institutions, improve decision making and customer experience. Our team has a strong background in online payments, integrating with payment processors, online credit systems or building innovative fintech products.


We collaborate with multiple clients to develop fast and responsive applications that help connect people. For one of them we developed a cloud based platform that combines video conferencing with professional language services. We're also assisting one of the biggest competitors in the home internet industry with our expertise.


Applying best practices of artificial intelligence, we can help organisations of different sizes and industries automate and optimise existing processes, enable predictive analytics and/or maintenance, and improve customer experience.


It is crucial for automotive companies to have mature quality improvement processes in place. We work with one of the largest automotive manufacturers in Europe, building a data-intensive system that enables efficient warranty cost reduction, plan the maintenance of cars, and overall provide better customer service.


Telemedicine, AI-enabled systems, and connected health records are just a few concrete examples of digital transformation in healthcare which are completely reshaping how we interact with health professionals, how our data is shared among providers and how decisions are made about our treatment plans and health outcomes.

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“Strongbytes is a client oriented company, with a strong technical expertise in software development, highly flexible, eager to help with the hurdles you might encounter along a project.”

Liviu Botez
Tech Lead, Harte Hanks

“I’ve been working with Vlad, Dan and multiple engineers at Strongbytes for years. They are 100% trustworthy and technically competent. I’ve referred them multiple times and I highly recommend them.”

Paul Doman
CEO, Victory Square Partners, Inc.