How we do it

Scale quickly with a full team

Complete teams, assembled with a specific mission in mind, working in an Agile delivery model.

Build a product.

Engage a complete managed team, cross functional, custom assembled to build your product. 

Scale your teams.

Add a new team to your product organisation, working together with your existing teams.

Specialised teams.

Mission-ready teams specialised on a specific topic, such as prototyping, building an MVP.

Even from the start of our journey together, we form a cross-functional team that meets the needs of your project, set up a road-map and a backlog with desired functionalities. Based on these we determine an initial priority for each feature.

Rapid value creation is key! Every sprint results in a new increment of your product, allowing customers to regularly review and assess the implementation. Customers can even decide to take the increment into production.

While development is ongoing, we take the backlog through a process of continuous refinement and (re)prioritisation.

Together, we add and remove features, or split them up in smaller pieces of functionality. This allows us to prepare upcoming sprints and to focus on delivering the highest business value in the shortest time.

The value of our Agile delivery model also comes from being adaptive. Each team has the ability to tailor the process based on the project at hand, as well as complementing it with engineering practices that foster agile delivery: continuous integration up to continuous deployment, automated testing, agile architecture, and the list can continue.


Programming Languages:
C#, JavaScript, Python

Frontend Frameworks:
React, Angular

Backend Frameworks:
.NET, .NET Core, Node

Docker, Kubernetes
Azure, AWS
Data Engineering:
Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Synapse
Amazon Glue, AirFlow, EMR, Spark, RedShift, Athena

Data Visualisation:
Jupyter, Seborn, PowerBI
ML Frameworks:
Pytorch, Scikit, Tensorflow