Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Our company is dedicated to creating an inclusive working environment, that supports diversity and equality for all.  We recognize the power of a diverse team in reflecting the global nature of our business, thus enhancing our ability to connect personally with our clients.


We aim to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce  at all levels of the company.

  • We are committed to a workplace culture that builds respect, fosters inclusiveness and embraces the unique skills and qualities of its members, that enables them to excel and progress throughout their careers
  •  Prospective and existing employees will be treated fairly and equally regardless of their unique characteristics (e.g. gender, religion or belief, age, race, marital or civil  partnership status, physical or mental wellbeing, etc.)
  • We believe every employee has a contribution to make to the whole. It is our duty to encourage and promote that contribution
  •  We aim to identify and eliminate unfair biases, stereotypes or barriers that limit people’s full participation at work and access to the opportunity to succeed
  • We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any  kind be that physical (including sexual harassment) or  psychological (including bullying)
  •   Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are active processes that require continuous commitment to promote healthy ideas, healthy communities and a healthy environment.


Our values are realized through or by:

  • Fostering a culture of open-mindedness, compassion and inclusiveness among individuals and groups.
  • Actively building a community whose members have diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences.
  • Providing effective leadership in the development, coordination, implementation and assessment of a comprehensive array of programs and services to promote diversity and understanding of differences.
  • Creating and maintaining opportunities for engagement, education and discussions related to issues of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.


Work-Life Balance and Organizational Culture

  • Implement flexible working hours and remote work options.
  • Provide parental leave policies that are inclusive of all genders.
  • Establish employee support programs for childcare and eldercare.

Gender Balance in Leadership and Decision-Making

  • Aim for a minimum of 40% representation of any gender in leadership roles.
  • Implement mentorship programs targeting underrepresented genders.
  • Regularly review and report gender ratios at different levels of decision-making.

Gender Equality in Recruitment and Career Progression

  • Ensure unbiased recruitment processes using AI and anonymized applications.
  • Create transparent career progression paths and criteria.
  • Implement regular training programs on unconscious bias for hiring managers.

Integration of Gender Dimension into Research and Teaching

  • Incorporate gender perspectives into our research methodologies and teaching materials.
  • Encourage gender-focused research and studies.
  • Host seminars and workshops on gender equality and its importance in our field.

Measures Against Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Harassment

  • Establish a clear policy against gender-based violence and sexual harassment.
  • Set up an anonymous reporting mechanism for such incidents.
  • Conduct regular awareness and prevention training sessions for all employees.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Regularly monitor the progress of these initiatives through surveys and reports.
  • Set specific, measurable goals for each initiative and review them annually.
  • Adjust strategies based on feedback and the evolving needs of our workforce.

This expanded plan provides a structured and detailed approach to achieving gender equality in the workplace, addressing specific areas with concrete measures and targets.