Software Engineering for cloud-enabled, data-driven organisations.

We design and build complex, in-the-cloud, highly automated enterprise systems. We help clients continually improve their ability to access and analyze data consistently, in order to make accurate decisions.


Cloud Native Applications

We design and build applications that take advantage of cloud-platform features for maximum impact. We build scalable, reliable, and highly available web applications. We can help redesign your existing on-premise projects, making them ready for the cloud, or engage in a software modernization approach by incrementally evolving your system.

Data Engineering

Data is one of the most valuable assets your company possesses. We help you extract information from large quantities of structured and unstructured data and transform it into a competitive advantage. We are highly skilled at data ingestion and transformation, building data lakes or data warehouse formations, reporting and analytics, data cataloging and lineage.

AI & Machine Learning

We help you define the right machine learning use case for your business, analyze data, pick appropriate algorithms, and build and train predictive models. Then we transform a predictive model into a live system or application. We call this “making it real.” From tailored-made products around ML models to integrating new AI capabilities in enterprise applications that you already use, we are your partner all along the way.

End-to-End Solution Delivery

We bring unmatched expertise and a great blend of technical skills to help you advance your products. Using proven and best-fit architecture paradigms, modern front-end frameworks, scalable backends, and cloud systems, we deliver clean and reliable code so you can expect nothing short of the best quality apps and products.

Delivery Model

Being Agile, not doing Agile

We believe in being Agile rather than doing Agile. We understand and live by the Agile principles, and we apply the right processes and practices to accommodate changing situations and different projects.
We implement software iteratively and incrementally. We deliver value with each increment, according to the business priorities, while at the same time assuring engineering excellence and having a process of continuous improvement.
Hands-on and collaborative, we’ll advise your team in any part of the process, making it easier for everyone to deliver.


We help clients achieve great results

From global healthcare providers to market leaders in media and publishing, as well as aspiring startups, we work with some of the world’s most innovative businesses to enable their growth.

With a focus on understanding the business need, end-to-end quality, and a highly collaborative delivery model, our engineering teams create new and modernise existing products in a consistent, predictable manner.

About us

We’re a team of globally recognised developers

Our technology leads and architects have been developing software for well over two decades, being part of industry-recognized programs such as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Regional Director (RD), and Google Developer Expert (GDE).
We put a strong emphasis on transparency, quality, and continuous learning in everything we do.
We are tech community builders, able to bring new colleagues onboard in record times.