The Effective Product Owner

The Product Owner is often the one driving the success of the product, a bridge between the stakeholders and the team, making sure every increment delivers as much value as possible. Our course teaches you how to be an effective Product Owner, specifically how to manage the Product Backlog, how to collaborate with both the stakeholders and the team, how to define realistic product roadmaps and release plans, and how to respond to change. Following our training you will have what it takes to succeed as a Product Owner in an Agile project.


Included below are the main topics covered in this training. The duration is 2 days.

Sprint 1 - What is Scrum

  1. Values and principles of Agile and Scrum
  2. Scrum Overview (roles, artefacts, ceremonies)
  3. Scrum Dynamic Model (DoR and DoD)

Sprint 2 - The Product Owner Rols

  1. The qualities of an effective Product Owner
  2. Working with the Team and Scrum Master
  3. Engaging stakeholders
  4. Strategies for different types of products

Sprint 3 - The Product Backlog

  1. Understanding the Product Backlog
  2. Writing effective user stories
  3. Business value and prioritisation

Sprint 4 - Scrum Ceremonies

  1. Choosing the right sprint goal and planning a sprint
  2. Going from iteration to iteration
  3. Responding to change and updating the backlog

Sprint 5 - Release Planning

  1. Release planning techniques
  2. Determining velocity and forecasting progress
  3. Agile Contracts

PSM Certification

Our PO course gives you the in-depth knowledge you need to pursue a Professional Scrum ProductOwner level I (PSPO I) certification. You can apply and take the assessment on There is a separate fee for taking the assessment, which you can pay on Otherwise we can arrange it for you and the fee will be added to the course fee, just let us know.

About the trainers

Dan Nicola is an Agile trainer and coach, always willing to help others make the transition to an Agile approach. He has been applying agile principles for several years and is very passionate about guiding teams in becoming self-organised and committed to delivering customer value. Dan is a constant speaker at conferences and community events, always eager to share his knowledge with others, learning from them at the same time. Dan is also a Certified Scrum Master.

Florin Cardasim is a software architect and Agile coach. Beyond his technical skills, he gained a broad experience as a trainer for companies and speaker in conferences. Florin is passionate by technology and by working with people to construct amazing things; focused on client and team, quality and on-time delivery while carefully looking to keep inside the fun of the software development. He is fortunate to be part of the Microsoft Regional Director program, a group of technology experts recognized by Microsoft for their passion about sharing their knowledge with the community. Worldwide, there are less than 150 RDs.