Strongbytes announces a new partnership with Pangea

We are thrilled to announce that we are entering a new partnership with Pangea, now being part of the top 7% global software engineering vendors community.

Every organization is always careful while entering into new partnerships, looking after trust, quality, and predictability, and there is usually a lengthy vetting process, due diligence, and verification. With Pangea acting as an independent verification party, we are now able to speed up the onboarding process and focus on what matters the most, be it helping clients get to market faster, growing their business, or stabilizing their application.

The verification process was intense and thorough, but a real delight for us, as Pangea aims to make it as smooth as possible, with constant support and availability when you are in need. The artifacts required for the onboarding represented a trigger for additional introspection regarding the way we do things, and, made us aware of certain changes that we needed to make when it came to understanding the needs of our people and partners and documenting our own processes and culture.

Measuring the team's health was an insightful and fun exercise, and we are thankful for the instant and heartful engagement of our colleagues who are genuinely willing to contribute to shaping a better and brighter future for our community of professionals.

One cannot finish the verification process without proper client insights and through this, we would like to thank our outstanding partners for their help in this process. Their feedback can now be visible on our Pangea profile, in the client section.

We are extremely thrilled about achieving an excellent 9.2/10 score on both team's health and client feedback. This valuable insight motivates us to continuously improve, keep our company culture as healthy as possible, and do the best for our people and partners.

Understanding the numbers is key to our business, for instance, the 9.2/10 of our client score is a key testament to the hard work our team members are constantly doing in their roles and the dedication we show towards them.


Being part of the top 7% vendors community is a great achievement for us and it represents the beginning of a new journey that we have planned for the years to come.

We are committed to becoming better and better, as individuals and organizations, and we will constantly showcase this progress on our Pangea profile for the world to see.

We welcome our partners in a vibrant community of humans and professionals, with the promise of taking care of their business as it was our own business; with empathy and a focus on deeply understanding the need, opportunities, and real options, we turn technology into a generator of positive transformational experiences.