Speaking with Impact

Trainer: Florin Cardasim
Duration: 1-2 days

Presentation skills for technical professionals

Whether you need to explain, coach and train colleagues, engage in discussions and presentation with senior management, pitch projects and opportunities to customers and other stakeholders, or speak at technical events, presentation skills should be the tools of your trade.

Speaking with Impact is a 1 to 2-days workshop meant to take the attendees through each of the three main pillars of creating an effective presentation – preparation, design and delivery. Each pillar will be practiced in detail, with the members of the audience receiving extensive feedback on their performance.

The attendees will gain the confidence and tools needed to engage with their audience, sell their ideas, and inspire people to act. They will get better at:

  • Structuring ideas for maximum impact over the audience
  • Crafting memorable messages and powerful visuals
  • Holding the audience’s attention

When audiences can see that you’ve prepared—that you care about their needs and value their time— they’ll want to connect with you and support you. You’ll get people to adopt your ideas, and you’ll win the resources to carry them out. You’ll close more deals. You’ll earn the backing of decision makers. You’ll gain influence. In short, you’ll go farther in your organisation—and your career.

We created the “Speaking with Impact” training and coaching program to help professionals with a technical background, like ourselves, to succeed in their communication and presentations.

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Dan Nicola

Written with love by Dan Nicola