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Strongbytes is a Software Development company focused on Data Science and Machine Learning.

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As a machine learning and software development company, we are focused on making sense of data by helping you gather the data within your organization, analyze and use it to train predictive models, and build scalable, responsive applications on top.

We will take care of your project, from data gathering to data analysis, to machine learning, to full-fledged applications.

Time Series Forecasting

Predict future prices, sales volumes, and market conditions. Prevent churn, analyze trends and underlying factors.

Clustering Analysis

Group similar data points into meaningful clusters or collections. Market segmentation.

Data Analytics

Extract useful information out of data. Develop dashboards for real-time insights.

Our Process

1. Discovery

First thing, we try to understand your specific use-case.

We organize a workshop to identify the projects that would benefit your company the most.

2. Data

Before we start applying the latest in machine learning techniques, we need to gather data.

If your organization already has the necessary data, we analyze it and identify patterns and correlations. Otherwise, if possible, we gather data for you using various online sources.

3. Model

We use the data to develop machine learning models that can be used to solve the problems we identified in the discovery phase.

Examples include predicting future trends, detecting fraudulent transactions, forecasting customer churn.

4. Application

We build scalable and secure web applications on top of our models, or expose them as REST APIs.

We build data pipelines, ensuring the models are continually kept up-to-date.

Use Cases

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